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Home Remedies Containing Honey

We're constantly bombarded with new information about the harsh chemicals that we come into contact with in our daily lives. Of course, it’s always a little hard to know what products we should continue using and which ones not to use. When you have a health issue, you can stand for hours in the pharmacy trying to figure out which medication to take or what brand will be best.

It can be mind-boggling at times with the number of choices there are, and we're often worried about understanding the ingredients. There’s a solution for this that you can try at home. Maybe it’s time to try these home remedies containing honey to help some of the health conditions you’re facing.

Natural Properties of Honey

When it comes to the healing properties of honey, one of the first places to look for confirmation of the benefits is the past. Many know it today as just a natural sweetener to use while cooking or maybe even adding it to hot tea to help soothe a sore throat, but it has many beneficial properties. Honey has a strong history of being used by ancient cultures as a healing treatment for wounds, embalming fluid, and extending life.

The ancients that used honey for these purposes weren’t too far off the mark. Researchers are finding that honey does have antibacterial properties, antimicrobial properties, and healing properties. Medical grade honey is even used in hospitals today for healing wounds and burns.

Honey for Sunburn

The beneficial properties of honey are great for sunburn. You can apply it directly to the sunburned skin to get a nice cooling feeling on the damaged skin that can be rather refreshing while the honey gets to work helping the skin to heal. You can also create a rehydrating natural remedy featuring honey that you can use on your sunburn.

You need honey, lemon juice, and vegetable oil that you mix together to make a paste. You’ll need to apply this paste for about ten minutes before you gently rinse it off with water. Be sure not to scrub the skin to get it off as this will further irritate the already damaged skin.

Honey for Coughs

Putting some honey in your hot tea can be a nice way to remove a tickle from your throat, but if you’re dealing with some coughing, you can create an all-natural cough syrup to use for your cough rather than store-bought. You’ll need some honey, lemon for zest and juice, ginger which can be peeled or ground, and water.

Put the lemon zest, ginger, and water into a pan and allow it to come to a boil. Let it simmer for five minutes, and then strain out the zest from the liquid. In the rinsed pan, you can gently heat the honey on low, but make sure that it doesn’t come to a boil as that will take away much of the beneficial properties.

Add the first boiled mixture and lemon juice to the honey, and stir until it gets to a thick consistency. Put it in a tightly sealed container, such as a mason jar, and keep refrigerated. This will stay good for about two months. Adults should get one to two teaspoons every four hours while children should be dosed based on their age.

Honey and Aloe for a Facial

Your facial skin is delicate, and keeping it covered with your favorite beauty products can be really rough on it. This great natural remedy facial is the perfect way to get some vigor back into your skin. You’ll only need honey and aloe vera leaves to make it. If you don’t have access to an aloe vera plant, you can use aloe vera that you purchase, but look for a brand that has minimal processing and no added ingredients.

You can scrape the leaves for the aloe vera, and then mix it into the honey. Coat your face, neck, and other areas in a thin layer of this mixture and leave this mask on your face for about 15 minutes. Use warm water to rinse off this homemade mask, and enjoy your fresh and smooth skin.

Honey Hair Treatment

Greasy hair is often hard to deal with, and many commercial products on the market may not only strip away the excess oils but may strip away all of the moisture in your scalp and hair. The problem with this is that the natural oils in our hair are healthy and necessary for our hair at a certain level.

This honey hair treatment will help to strip out the excess oil without taking all of the moisture away. You’ll need an egg yolk and honey that you’ll need to mix together really well. Apply this mixture to your damp hair, and make sure you spread it evenly all the way to the roots of your hair. Keep it on your hair for 15 minutes until you rinse it out. You may want to cover your hair with a shower cap or plastic wrap to help warm the honey.

Honey Moisturizer for Cracked Heels and Troublesome Dry Skin

Cracked heels are a real problem, especially in the colder winter months where your skin tends to dry out due to your furnace running overtime to keep your home or office warm. Honey, milk, and orange juice is everything you’ll need to moisturize your cracked heels and deal with dry skin. You’ll want to warm the honey a little to make it so that you can easily mix and spread it before adding in the milk and juice.

Stir thoroughly, and apply. It’s recommended that you use a pumice stone or other file to work away some of the dried skin before applying to work on getting this absorbed into the underlying layer of skin. Massage it into your skin, and leave it on for about 45 minutes to let it really work its magic.

Honey Lip Scrub

Dry lips can be another issue that happens throughout the year. You want your lips to be soft and supple to look and feel their best, so this honey lip scrub is for you. For this recipe, you’ll need some brown sugar, honey, vanilla, cinnamon, and olive oil. You’ll mix these ingredients together to make a gritty paste that you can rub against your lips to exfoliate the skin. Your lips have very sensitive skin, so you don’t want to over-do it with this scrub. You can store this in a small mason jar or another sealed container as you use it.

Honey Mouthwash

Bad breath is another annoying health condition that occurs from time to time, and while mints will help with this, they don’t take it away. This honey mouthwash is great for your breath. You’ll need honey, lemon juice, baking soda, cinnamon, and water to mix up this batch. Get a jar with a tight-fitting lid, and add your cinnamon, lemon juices, baking soda and honey to it. When you add the water, make sure it’s warm as this will melt the honey down to make it easier to mix up.

You can shake or mix these ingredients to create the mouthwash. You should keep it in your mouth for about a minute before spitting it out. Then later when you’re in need for freshened breath, shake up the bottle again, and you can take a swig to rinse your mouth in the same fashion as before.

Note of Caution on Honey Remedies

One of the biggest notes of caution on honey remedies is that children under the age of one shouldn’t be given honey. Honey, pasteurized or unpasteurized, may contain spores that can cause botulism in young children. This can be a very serious type of food poisoning in infants and is best avoided. Older children and adults aren’t affected by this in honey as their mature digestive system will make it possible to get the spores out of their system before the sickness occurs.

In addition, if the condition that you’re treating with a home remedy doesn’t start to have a positive response to the treatment, it may be time to seek medical assistance with the issue. Some conditions may be too far gone for the honey remedy to still be effective or may be a symptom of a larger health condition.

These natural home remedies containing honey should be your go-to source for when you have that tickle in your throat or gotten a bad sunburn. There’s no reason not to reach for a natural remedy using honey and then rely on store bought medications at first. Some situations may require you to see a doctor, but in most instances, you’re good with natural remedies. You’ll know exactly what the ingredients are and where they came from by making these honey remedies in your home.


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