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How to Meditate with Crystals

Meditate with Crystals

Meditation, an undeniably beneficial practice that will provide you with endless positive results. This is a time that is completely and wholly yours. No matter your religion or spiritual beliefs or your economic status, meditation can offer excellent results.

Meditation with crystals can add an even stronger spiritual connection and increase the quality of your meditative experience.

How to meditate with stones

Meditation stones and crystals are meant to give you a different perspective while meditating. Each stone carries unique properties that work with your mind and body in different ways.

Depending on the stone or crystal you decide to incorporate, your spiritual outcome will be different. If using a crystal, sit as you would meditate normally and hold it in your hands. Let your mind focus on the stone and use the energy it provides.

Stones could be used differently, especially palm stones. It is recommended to put one palm stone in each hand and focus your energy between them. This often takes great focus but can have incredibly powerful results.

Best stones for meditation

Each stone carries a different meaning and healing properties. There are three main stones that are used to meditate including quartz, selenite and palm stones. Quartz is said to help concentrate and focus your meditation.

This stone also increases the power of stones around it. Try using this in conjunction with another stone. Selenite is a used to free your mind. Use this type of crystal after a long day’s work to help you relax.

Palm stones are designed to focus your energy while meditating. Hold the stone in the palm of your hand and let your mind focus.

Healing Crystal Wands - (Set of 3) 

Measurements: 4.7” x 3.8” x 2.2”

Weight: 12.8 oz

These crystals are each made of different stones. One is quartz, another amethyst, the third is rose quartz. Coming in a set of three makes them very easy to create a grid. Used with each other these meditation stones promote healing. If used individually they each represent something different. Made of high quality material, these stones are 100% genuine. Being small makes these meditation crystals easy to store or display without taking up space.

Engraved Natural 7 Chakra Stone Set

Measurements: 2” x 1” x 3”

Weight: 3 oz

The Seven Chakra Palm Stone is a special all in one meditation set. Made many different kinds of stone, these meditation rock will have different results based on the stone you are using. Use one at a time, or combine stones for different effects and focuses. We love how versatile this all in one set is. It is great for beginners who are not sure what they want their focus to specify on. Veteran meditators will love the ability to combine stones to create the perfect state.

3 Selenite Sticks and Wands

Measurements: 7-8” long x ¾ - 1” wide

Weight: 1.2 lbs

Selenite is a very effective stone that puts your mind at peace. It is said to be able to protect your energy and keep you centered. This package includes three wands of this meditation stone. This means that you can keep one in your serenity room, bring one to the office, and keep one in the car. You can use this stone at any time of the day which will allow you to clear your head no matter where you are. These wands are very aesthetically pleasing and can be a focal point of a room. Place these on your meditation bench to spark the right mood even before you start your routine.

Rockcloud Healing Crystal Natural Purple Amethyst Quartz

Measurements: 1.9” x 1.5” x 0.8”

Weight: 5 oz

This beautiful natural pure quartz crystal is sure to bring positivity into your home and mind. Promoting inspiration this is the perfect crystal to use when working toward a deeper spiritual connection. Considered the master healer, amethyst is known for promoting emotional balance and helping to cure insomnia. When having trouble sleeping, try combining the healing properties of this crystal with the powers of meditating with a gong for unbelievable results.

Amlong Crystal Quartz Ball

Measurements: 3” x 3” x 4”

Weight: 1.4 lbs

This beautiful stone is more than just a beautiful focal point in your room. It inspires a positive human connection. Whether it be in friendship or love, this powerful stone is said to be a healer of relationships promoting forgiveness and love. Its small shape makes it a perfect addition fit on your meditation table and will brighten up and serenity room. It's gorgeous pink color and strong powers of promoting love make it great for beside your bed.

Meditation stones can do a lot to help you with your meditation. Some materials even have special features like helping you clear your mind or protecting your meditative state.

These stones will fit in your serenity room and allow you to meditate in different ways. Having different types of stones creates a well rounded spiritual arsenal. Allow these stones to guide your mind and create a deep spiritual journey. Any room is incomplete without these stones.

If you regularly meditate and haven’t tried so with stones yet, prepare for an incredibly deep experience. We love all of the meditation stones and crystals on this list but our favourite is the Engraved Natural 7 Chakra Stone Set.

Great for beginners and experts alike, we love that this all in one set works on different energies and curative powers. Being able to throw one in your pocket and take it with you to work allows you to be able to meditate no matter where you are. 

Stones and crystals are just one way to improve your meditative practice, click here to see our monster list of accessories.

Love meditating with crystals? Have a favorite meditating stone? Chat with us about it below.

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