▷ 5 Common Skin Ailments (and How to Treat Them)

5 Skin Ailments (And How to Treat Them)

By Tina Marianna / December 17, 2018
Skin Conditions

Skin diseases don’t just make you feel uncomfortable. In the case of some skin ailments, not taking the right steps to address the issue could lead to more severe problems in the future. There are also skin diseases that require immediate treatments due to their severity.

Spotting symptoms of serious skin ailments and dealing with the issues that come with them aren’t always straightforward. You need to take the right steps to ease the symptoms and then deal with the cause of the ailments thoroughly and correctly.


Acne is often seen as a common skin issue that can be treated easily, but that is not always the case. Acne problems can quickly turn into a more serious problem that takes years to cure. Even worse, you may be left with marks caused by acne on your skin.

Fortunately, acne is rather easy to spot. The real challenge is identifying the cause of the acne breakout and finding the correct treatment for the issue. If over-the-counter acne medication doesn’t work, it is best to see a skin doctor for a more thorough assessment.


Hives are very similar to acne, but without the whiteheads and other elements found in acne. This makes hives more difficult to spot; you usually find hives from the itchiness they cause. They also cause mild pain and often appear as red dots in certain areas.

Hives are usually caused by allergies, although certain types of medicine are known to produce hives as a common side effect. If you do suffer from hives development, understanding the cause is key to solving the issue. In most cases, however, a dose of antihistamines should do the job.


Psoriasis is not the most well-known skin issue, especially since it is often mistaken for common skin dryness. Still, it is an ailment that requires special handling, especially when the psoriasis is causing other problems to your scalp and hair.

Nothing causes hair loss and flaky scalp like psoriasis of the scalp. On other areas of the body, psoriasis can also cause segments of the skin to become thicker and very itchy. Treatments such as a specialized shampoo for psoriasis can help you deal with this skin ailment.


Eczema is a rather broad term, but it is commonly used to describe inflammation and skin irritation. You can see the symptoms of eczema almost immediately due to the rash appearing on your skin. That rash is preceded by severe itching; scratching the itchy area will make the problem worse.

There are also many causes of eczema and identifying the true cause is key to solving the problem. When you suffer from eczema due to contact with certain materials, for example, you need to make sure that the treatment you use is suitable based on the cause of the rash.


Rosacea is an interesting skin ailment because the true cause of it is unknown. However, the symptoms of this illness are very apparent. If you suddenly see the skin around your nose, cheeks, or forehead turning very red, you may be suffering from rosacea.

There is also no cure for rosacea, but that doesn’t mean you cannot alleviate the symptoms and control its appearance. Make sure you see a doctor immediately when you see persistent red spots or areas around the face to get them treated.

These are some common skin ailments that you need to anticipate. Other skin issues such as carbuncles and boils are just as important to understand, since knowing about them will help you deal with the symptoms and the cause better. The tips we covered in this article will help you react to the common skin ailments better.

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