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Gluten Sensitivity is a Myth, and more news…

Gluten – The internet is abuzz this week with the news that gluten-sensitivity may not exist. The real source of your digestive discomfort? Probably FODMAPs. To be sure, a lovely acronym that rolls right off the tongue.  “FODMAP-free” is sure to make its way very soon to a food label near you…

Fracking – Daily Kos reports that North Carolina Republicans are pushing for a bill that would make it a jail-able offense to disclose the chemicals used in fracking. But who really needs to know what kind of chemicals big oil is pumping into the ground in our back yards? It’s a trustworthy industry , so I’m sure it’s fine…

…if you’re wary though, the EPA is accepting public comments on this issue right now. Use the blue box at the top right on that page.

Dave Letterman sums it up:

Net Neutrality – Also, this is a little off-topic but very important to the continued existence of this blog. The future of the internet is being debated right now and it’s a complex issue but boils down to this choice:

a) Keep the internet open as has been the case to date (mostly)

b) Allow cable companies to provide faster internet to companies who pay them more

How does that threaten this blog? We don’t have a million dollars a year to pay Comcast so this blog can reach people as quickly as Netflix does. Netflix can afford it but the start-up that might replace Netflix can’t. It’s not an overstatement to call it the end of innovation on the web. Luckily, the FCC is currently seeking public comment on this issue. Email your comments to [email protected]

New report says that solar power could be the top energy source by the year 2050, IF there is a $44 trillion global investment to move off fossil fuels (always a catch…). That seems, er, unlikely, even though it’s a huge ($71 trillion) net savings vs. staying on fossil fuels. Unlike oil hope springs eternal, so I hope I live to see the day.

In related news, the military (being realists and whatnot) believes in climate change.

Lyme Disease – Just a reminder NOT to feed the deer.

Lastly, they figured out how to ruin grass-fed beef.

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