Naturally Countering the Effects of Alcohol

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Many of us love a drink every now and again. And moderate drinking in a social context can even be pretty good for you! However, we’re all aware that overdoing it on the booze can be very bad for us. Whether you struggle to deal with hangovers, are worried about the toxins alcohol pours into your body, or have a more serious issue with the demon drink, we’ve got some natural suggestions which may help:


Let’s start with the biggie. Alcoholism is a very serious mental illness, which can take an enormous toll on mind and body. There is no ‘cure’ for the condition - organic or otherwise - any recovering alcohol must rely upon their own mental resources and the support of their loved ones to get through. However, there are some natural remedies which may help combat the effects prolonged heavy drinking has upon the body, and the right kind of diet may fortify a recovering alcoholic’s mind for the struggle ahead. If you’re a recovering alcoholic, here are some natural self-care tips:

  • Get plenty of exercise. This not only boosts your circulation, sending nutrient-bearing blood to the brain, it can also combat cravings, ward off alcohol-related illness, and build crucial self-respect.

  • Go for acupuncture. This can help to treat the anxiety and depression which underlies many alcoholic impulses.

  • Join a yoga class. This enables many alcoholics to develop a greater understanding of and respect for their bodies, which in turn makes them think twice about damaging those bodies with alcohol.

  • Eat healthily. A healthy diet can not only improve liver function (more on that later), it can also strengthen mental resolve, reduce cravings, and stabilize moods.

  • Take dandelion root. This is known to cleanse the liver, and help to reduce alcohol withdrawal symptoms - although if you are experiencing serious withdrawal, it is essential that you are supervised by a doctor while the process is occurring.


Alcohol is a poison, and overindulging in it leaves a lot of toxins behind in the body. The toxins circulating around your cells is just one of the reasons why you sleep so badly and feel so poorly after a night of heavy drinking. If not eradicated quickly enough, these toxins can do considerable damage. Generally, our livers are excellent at flushing toxins out of our bodies, but if we habitually overindulge, our livers may become sluggish, or even damaged. There are natural ways to get toxins out of your body, and to give your liver a helping hand, however. These include:

  • Dandelion root. As mentioned above, dandelion root has long been considered a potent aid for the liver, not only helping it to eradicate toxins, but actively combatting liver damage. It’s very rich in vitamins and nutrients, so will improve more than just the health of the liver. Be warned, however - dandelion root is a diuretic, so those toxins will literally flush right out of you!

  • Milk thistle. Milk thistle is also pretty amazing for your liver. It blocks alcohol absorption, preventing cell damage.

  • Get plenty of B vitamins. B vitamins help your liver to regenerate, which in turn allows it to eradicate toxins more efficiently.

  • Drink plenty of water. One of the absolute best ways to rinse toxins out of your body is to sluice your insides with plenty of H20. Sometimes, the oldest, simplest methods really are the best!


If you follow a lot of the anti-toxin advice above, you’ll find that your hangovers are generally far less intense than they may otherwise be. However, we all slip up every now and again! If you wake up after an unintentionally heavy night with a horrendous head, nausea, exhaustion, and all the rest of it, here are a few natural remedies which may help:

  • Potassium. Alcohol forces several strange changes in your body and mind, one of which involves making your body cling on to sodium and eliminate potassium. When you wake up with a hangover, therefore, you’re suffering from potassium deficiency. Eating a potassium-rich banana will combat a lot of your symptoms.

  • Cysteine. You’ll find cysteine listed as an ingredient in many anti-hangover pills, but you can also find it in broccoli, poultry, oats, and many dairy products. So a breakfast of oat porridge with milk will do wonders for your hangover! Basically, cysteine is an amino acid which helps your liver to break down the alcohol compounds which cause hangover symptoms. It’s not an instant cure, but it will serious reduce the time your hangover makes you suffer!

  • Water. Again, there’s simply no substitute for washing yourself out with a lot of fresh water. Some of the symptoms of hangover are caused by dehydration, so re-hydrating yourself will make you feel at least a little bit better more or less instantly. However, water also helps to eradicate toxins from your body, so, over time, drinking plenty of water will eliminate the hangover at the source.
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