▷ How to Use Meditation Bowls and Gongs (2019 Update)

How to Use Meditation Bowls and Gongs

Written by Myles Nystrom and updated on December 16, 2016
Singing bowls and meditation gongs

For centuries Buddhist monks have been playing singing bowls, making them one of the most ancient of meditation tools. The goal of singing bowl meditation is for the sounds to lead you into a deeper meditative state. Your brain waves start synchronizing with the sound frequencies produced by the bowl and concentrating on these pulses of sound helps to bring your mind into focus.


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Singing Bowl Meditation Benefits

The sounds produced by singing bowls do not only help you to meditate. They also create deep relaxation of the body that helps to reduce stress and stimulate healing. Some people find that the harmonic overtones produced directly affect the chakras and help to balance them.

Using singing bowls for healing comes from the idea that disease is due to blockages in the energy flow of the body. Sound frequencies can help to restore this energy flow. Healing from pain, depression and many forms of disease is believed to be a response to the vibrations of sound. Sounds are not only heard through the ears but vibrate through every cell of the body.

What to Look for in a Singing Bowl

Sound is the most important quality of a singing bowl and each bowl has its own distinctive sound. The resonance of meditation bowls is important too and this may only become apparent when you have listened for a while. Of course, structural integrity is a must - a bowl must be free of any structural problems such as cracks.

If you are buying a singing bowl to activate your chakras, a bowl with low tones opens the root chakra. High notes open the third eye chakra. Mid-tones open the heart chakra. Therefore, some people buy several different bowls for the different chakras.

The best singing bowls are those with harmonic tones, good resonance and an ease and smoothness when playing.

Types of Meditation Bowls for Sale

Tibetan singing bowls are hammered and beaten into shape using high-quality bronze or other metals like gold or silver.  There are different types of Tibetan singing bowls as they have been made for centuries all over the Himalayas. They are named according to the intricacies of the design and nuances in shape. 

Of course, antique bowls are very expensive, and you will usually pay over $100 for a small bowl. Sellers must be able to provide certificates verifying antiquity.

Tibetan bowls are still being made today and these bowls are available at more reasonable prices for those who cannot afford antique bowls. Some of them are very beautiful and can produce lovely tones.

Another option today is to purchase a crystal singing bowl. These have become very popular of late and use crystal produced by a massive heat and motion process to create durable bowls with a powerful, expansive sound.

Using glass singing bowls for meditation may be regarded by some as inferior to using Tibetan singing bowls. Others have great belief in the powers of quartz crystal and its ability to affect our bodies favorably.

Best Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal singing bowls are made by dropping silica sand into a spinning mold. The center of the mold is extremely hot and unifies the silica sand particles.

Crystal bowls usually rest on a rubber base and as you move a stick around the bowl perimeter, harmonic tones are created that grow stronger and stronger the more you go round.

Clear Quartz crystal contains the full spectrum of light that relates to the seven chakras when played.  The crystal magnifies and transmits pure tones and sound is projected to unbalanced, diseased parts of the body, correcting harmonic patterns. It’s a bit like a tuning fork that helps to tune the chakras. The sounds produced by different bowls vary with weight, thickness, and height.

There are many different crystal singing bowls for sale and although these bowls can be expensive, they are very durable and produce clear, resonant sounds.

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