▷ How to Use Meditation Bowls and Gongs (2024 Update)

How to Use Meditation Bowls and Gongs

Singing bowls and meditation gongs

For centuries Buddhist monks have been playing singing bowls, making them one of the most ancient of meditation tools. The goal of singing bowl meditation is for the sounds to lead you into a deeper meditative state. Your brain waves start synchronizing with the sound frequencies produced by the bowl and concentrating on these pulses of sound helps to bring your mind into focus.


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Singing Bowl Meditation Benefits

The sounds produced by singing bowls do not only help you to meditate. They also create deep relaxation of the body that helps to reduce stress and stimulate healing. Some people find that the harmonic overtones produced directly affect the chakras and help to balance them.

Using singing bowls for healing comes from the idea that disease is due to blockages in the energy flow of the body. Sound frequencies can help to restore this energy flow. Healing from pain, depression and many forms of disease is believed to be a response to the vibrations of sound. Sounds are not only heard through the ears but vibrate through every cell of the body.

What to Look for in a Singing Bowl

Sound is the most important quality of a singing bowl and each bowl has its own distinctive sound. The resonance of meditation bowls is important too and this may only become apparent when you have listened for a while. Of course, structural integrity is a must - a bowl must be free of any structural problems such as cracks.

If you are buying a singing bowl to activate your chakras, a bowl with low tones opens the root chakra. High notes open the third eye chakra. Mid-tones open the heart chakra. Therefore, some people buy several different bowls for the different chakras.

The best singing bowls are those with harmonic tones, good resonance and an ease and smoothness when playing.

Types of Meditation Bowls for Sale

Tibetan singing bowls are hammered and beaten into shape using high-quality bronze or other metals like gold or silver.  There are different types of Tibetan singing bowls as they have been made for centuries all over the Himalayas. They are named according to the intricacies of the design and nuances in shape. 

Of course, antique bowls are very expensive, and you will usually pay over $100 for a small bowl. Sellers must be able to provide certificates verifying antiquity.

Tibetan bowls are still being made today and these bowls are available at more reasonable prices for those who cannot afford antique bowls. Some of them are very beautiful and can produce lovely tones.

Another option today is to purchase a crystal singing bowl. These have become very popular of late and use crystal produced by a massive heat and motion process to create durable bowls with a powerful, expansive sound.

Using glass singing bowls for meditation may be regarded by some as inferior to using Tibetan singing bowls. Others have great belief in the powers of quartz crystal and its ability to affect our bodies favorably.

Best Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal singing bowls are made by dropping silica sand into a spinning mold. The center of the mold is extremely hot and unifies the silica sand particles.

Crystal bowls usually rest on a rubber base and as you move a stick around the bowl perimeter, harmonic tones are created that grow stronger and stronger the more you go round.

Clear Quartz crystal contains the full spectrum of light that relates to the seven chakras when played.  The crystal magnifies and transmits pure tones and sound is projected to unbalanced, diseased parts of the body, correcting harmonic patterns. It’s a bit like a tuning fork that helps to tune the chakras. The sounds produced by different bowls vary with weight, thickness, and height.

There are many different crystal singing bowls for sale and although these bowls can be expensive, they are very durable and produce clear, resonant sounds.

This Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl is made by the OM Shoppe, a U.S. seller, from 99.99% pure quartz crystal. This 16-inch diameter bowl comes with an o-ring and a striker. The bowl has a beautiful frosted white finish.

It creates a note F that will open the heart chakra. This chakra helps with the ability to give and receive love and deals with relating to others and self-acceptance.

A Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl with handle is a high-quality bowl made with over 99.9% quartz crystal. The diameter of the bowl is about 7 inches.

Each bowl comes with a free mallet. This bowl produces a Note C 4th Octave sound. 

This Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl produces an A note that relates to the Third Eye Chakra. The set includes a high-quality pure quartz crystal bowl, a rubber base for the bowl to sit on and a rubber mallet. Included with the purchase is material on how to use the bowl.

How to Buy Tibetan Singing Bowls

Traditionally, meditation masters used a singing bowl as a gong to mark the beginning and end of their meditation sessions. Today, singing is used as aid that can help with meditation. The more you play a singing bowl, the more it grows on you. The sounds are quite profound, and you will experience many benefits of using one.

Tibetan Singing bowls are actually a type of bell. They are played either by or striking the side of the bowl with a mallet or rubbing the mallet around the rim.  Distinctive sounds are created by the two different methods. They are usually referred to as Tibetan bowls but they should really be called Himalayan bowls as they are created throughout the Himalayas.

Today these bowls are both machine-made and hand-hammered or a combination of both. Some of the best modern bowls are coming out of Nepal today. These modern bowls are usually made of a type of bronze. This “bell metal” is made of copper and tin.   

A Crown Chakra Old Tibetan Singing Bowl opens up the crown chakra. This one was hand-hammered in Nepal in the traditional way at Singing Bowl House. It is made of seven metals, each of which was chosen with a purpose. It is six inches in diameter and 3 inches in height. It comes with a wooden mallet and a green silk cushion. 

Speaking of Himalayan singing bowls for sale - this Tibetan Singing Bowl set was made in the Himalayan foothills by Nepalese artisans.

It is hand-hammered and comes with a wooden striker and hand-sewn cushion. The bowl is approximately 4 inches in diameter and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Use this bowl to enhance your meditation and to clear your heart chakra.

An Antique Design Tibetan Singing Bowl Set by Silent Mind is a very popular bowl made by a small family run business. They hand-select and inspect each set to check for defects and sound quality before shipping and offer a 30-Day money back guarantee. This bowl has Tibetan symbols all over it and the craftsmanship is of a high standard. It’s an appropriate size and weight for holding in the hand and playing and comes with a mallet and a cushion.


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Tibetan Handmade Singing Bowl

Measurements: 5.1” x 5.1” x 4.2”

Weight: 1.2 lbs

Calm your nerves with this impressive looking bowl. It is handmade using a combination of seven metals including copper, gold and silver. The impressive hand etched engravings should not be overlooked as they add unique dimension to this bowl. This is a small bowl that makes it easy to bring with you on the go.

Put this in your meditation regime and use it when you are meditating. It comes with the bowl, gong, pillow, and silk bag. It even comes with an ebook that explains how to use it. Gently bang the gong against the bowl to make a soothing sound. The vibrations will allow you to achieve an even deeper meditative state. This is one of the nicer Tibetan singing bowls for sale.

Himalayan Singing Bowl

Measurements: 9” x 9” x 4”

Weight: 3.5 lbs

This is a beautifully made Himalayan singing bowl. This is an authentically made bowl in Nepal. Hammer marks are still visible on the inner side of the bowl giving it a beautiful authentic look. It comes with a wooden mallet, silk cushion, and gong stick.

Made out of brass the bowl creates a distinct sound and vibrations. Use a bowl that is used by the Nepalese people to achieve their meditative states. This bowl adds a very powerful tool to your meditation arsenal.

Woodstock Hanging Gong

Measurements: 12.8” x 10.1” x 2.7”

Weight: 1.4 lbs

A gong makes a very specific sound and vibration. It is an important item used to experience a different type of meditation state. Being a bigger instrument than a bowl, this gong will create a different tone than its smaller counterparts. This is a handmade gong made out of bronze. It is very lightweight allowing you to mount it to any wall of your home.

This full set includes a gong, mallet, and hanger. You will be able to experience a very similar sound to what ancient warriors and emperors felt. The vibrations help you feel more at peace and give an added depth to your meditation. This is a very nice package at a reasonable price.

Crystal Singing Bowl

Measurements: 10” diameter

Weight: 2 lbs

This quartz singing bowl produces a very specific tone, C# to be specific. The tone is the traditional Om, also known as the Earth Tone. This is very high end and impressively-made crystal bowl. Start your meditative routine with this bowl. You will be mimicking Buddhist monks beginning their journey into enlightenment.

Bowls and gongs are a very important part of your meditation routine. They should not be overlooked when designing a quiet space in your house. As they are small in design they will not over clutter your meditation table and can be used as an accent throughout your house.

Their small design also makes it easy to bring to the office or yoga class without standing out. The benefits of these tools are instrumental in achieving a meditative state.

We love gong therapy and you will always find us praising these powerful tools. Even though all of these are an excellent choice our favorite is the Tibetan Singing Bowl. The intricate detail and high quality make this bowl an impressive sight and a beautiful addition to any room.

Plus, we love how mobile it is so it can easily be used in your home or office or even the park. The package includes everything you need to start using it, even a satchel to store it.

These bowls are only one of the many meditation accessories on the market, check out the rest here. Don’t forget to leave us a comment below if you have used one of these items. We love hearing from you.

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