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Natural Remedies for Chipmunks

Written by Sabrina Wilson and updated on January 14, 2017

Chipmunks are one of those pests that look adorable, but can really wreck havoc in your yard and garden.

Obligatory adorable chipmunk video:

However, they can be little thieves that steal from the wild birds you feed whether by raiding the bird feeders or going right to the source in ripping open the seed bag. They may not stop at the seed bag but may rip open other food bags that they get can get to like dog food bags.

Some people may think that the best ways to get rid of these pests are with traps that kill or by shooting them, but there are plenty of other natural remedies for chipmunks that you can employ in case you don’t want to resort to such drastic measures.

#1 Cayenne Pepper

One of your first options for getting rid of chipmunks is mixing up a batch of your own repellent featuring cayenne pepper. You can mix some cayenne pepper with water, fill up a spray bottle, and spray it around your yard in the areas where you want to keep them out. This will keep a wide variety of pests out of your garden and away from your bulbs.

However, it may also keep your pets from visiting your yard where you spray it. It will be helpful to spray this often, especially after a rain shower. Some people use straight powder rather than creating a spray, and this is another viable option for you to give a try in your yard. Chili powder is another option if you don’t have cayenne pepper in your spice rack.

#2 Humane Traps

You can also try to use humane traps for getting rid of pesky chipmunks. However, you have to have a place to relocate them safely and legally in your area. In all areas, you can’t trespass on private property to relocate animals you’ve caught, so that means no taking your pests over to your annoying neighbor’s yard.

You may have to speak with someone you know that may live in a better place to relocate your caught chipmunks to get their permission. In addition, some areas may make it illegal to release animals on county, state, or federally owned land. Keep in mind that chipmunks can be territorial, and this relocation may be hard on the animals in increasing their mortality.

#3 Plants

This is a relatively simple natural remedy for chipmunks in your yard: planting daffodils. Also known as narcissus, daffodils are toxic, and chipmunks don’t like the smell of these plants, so they tend to steer clear of them. When planting your regular spring bulbs, add some daffodils to go along with them.

This method is sure to help keep away these tiny creatures from digging up your garden that you worked hard to plant. You may also want to think about planting some cloves of garlic around your garden as this can also work as a natural deterrent to these little pests causing trouble.

#4 Presence of a Predator

It may sound crazy, but the smell of predator urine may be enough to convince your local chipmunk pests to relocate their burrow over to your neighbor’s yard. Chipmunks are a pretty small prey item and don’t have much to defend themselves if a cat, dog, coyote or other larger predator decides that they want to make a meal of them.

You can put cat litter or spray other predator urine in your backyard to warn them away with the smell. Another option that you may find useful is putting up a fake owl in your backyard. They even make ones that have heads that move with the wind, so it looks more realistic to the critters you’re looking to deter.

#5 Essential Oils

One thing that most wild creatures have in common are their strong noses. They need great noses to be able to find food in the wild, and chipmunks are no different. That is probably why a number of these natural solutions to chipmunks involve scent. Essential oils are another great option that can make your surroundings smell nice while keeping critters like chipmunks away.

Some of the oils that you should consider using to deal with your chipmunk problem includes clove, lemon, peppermint, cinnamon, and eucalyptus oils. This may be a great option for people that aren’t into spicy food as mentioned in the first solution, but enjoy the thought of using a pleasant smell to keep these cute pests away.


Now you’ve gotten several natural remedies for chipmunks that don’t require you to get blood on your hands. Are you planning on using on these remedies to keep chipmunks out of your hair?

Have you ever used any of these remedies successfully? Let us know. Don’t be shy with sharing this article with all of your friends and family that may be facing their own darling pests.

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