▷ Meditation Tables for Your Home Shrine (2024 Update)

Meditation Tables for Your Home Shrine

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Meditation is an age-old practice that’s carried out by millions of people all across the globe. And while the overall concept of meditation is the same, people’s reasons for doing it may differ. Some people meditate as part of their religion, while others meditate to boost their mind, body, and soul and find inner peace within.

Having somewhere peaceful and relaxing to meditate is essential. Your home shrine doesn’t need to be elaborate or big. It just needs to be somewhere that’s private and quiet where you can get away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And while you don’t need to have a great deal of furniture in your home shrine, one thing you may want to consider adding is a meditation table.

In the following article, we’ll take you through some of the many benefits of having a home shrine as well as what to look for when shopping for a meditation table to add to it. Finally, we’ll share with you our thoughts on some of the most popular meditation tables on the market at the moment.

The Home Shrine

Having your own personal shrine within the confines of your own home will encourage you to meditate more regularly. It will help you to relax and get you in the right frame of mind. As mentioned previously, a home shrine doesn’t need to be grand, it just needs to work for you.

Some people set up their shrines quite openly in a corner of the room, while others prefer a little more privacy and have a room divider or curtain in place. If you’re separated from the rest of the home there will be less around to distract you, allowing you to focus more on achieving inner peace.

What to Look for in a Meditation Table

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a meditation table for your home shrine and in this section, we’re going to take you through some of the more important ones:


When considering what size meditation table to go for there are two very important questions you need to ask yourself: How much space do you have where you want to have it? And, what do you want to put on your meditation table? The space issue is quite an obvious one, but what you put on your meditation table is completely personal and will differ from person to person.

Some people like to keep it simple, with nothing more than a single candle in the center. Others prefer to add a little more and may include statues or stones too. There is no right or wrong answer as to what should go on your meditation table. It’s a personal choice that should appease you, and you alone.


Meditation tables vary considerably in terms of their height, and what’s the correct height for you will depend largely on how tall you are and the way in which you meditate. If you sit on the floor to meditate you’re going to want to choose a table that’s pretty low to the ground. If however, you sit in a chair to meditate, you’ll need one that’s much higher.


Pretty much all meditation tables are made from wood, with pine, cherry, and walnut being popular options. This is largely because as well as being a natural substance, wood is also durable and inexpensive.


This is a factor that comes down to personal preference. There are many different designs out there when it comes to meditation tables. Many of the modern meditation tables are quite plain and simple. Whereas traditional meditation tables tend to be hand carved and much more ornate.


This is something you should consider before you start looking. The price is another factor that varies quite considerably among meditation tables. While some you can pick up for less than a meal for two at Red Robin, others will cost you a week’s salary! But, most of the time you do get what you pay for and the more you’re willing to spend, the higher quality the table will be.


As meditation tables are generally quite small, most will require very little assembly skills. At the very most, you may have to screw a few legs on. It’s very unlikely that any mediation table you come across will take longer than around 10 minutes to assemble. But, that being said, if you’re not the kind of person who’s comfortable with a little light DIY, you want to consider a table with foldable legs instead.

Meditation Table Reviews

Dimensions: 15 W x 9 D x 5 H inches
Weight: 3.1 pounds

Standing at just 5 inches tall, and weighing just over 3 pounds, the EarthBench Shrine Table Pedestal is the ideal table if you do need to transport it at all. Made from beautiful pine with a beeswax finish, it’s a simple design, yet still pleasing to the eye. It’s not too big and it’s not too bold meaning this mediation table will fit in just about anywhere.

EarthBench Pedestal Stand ~ Unfinished Pine (Shrine Table Pedestal: 15'×9' Wide)

Another thing we like about this table is even though it’s lightweight, because it’s made from solid wood, it’s still extremely sturdy and likely to last a long time. It’s natural, completely non-toxic, and the price is pretty good too. Our only slight criticism is that it looks a little plain. That’s being said, you can quite easily paint it or spruce it up with a scarf should you want to.

  • Lightweight
  • Non-toxic
  • Sturdy
  • Design is a little boring

Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 4 H inches
Weight: 4.8 ounces

If you’re looking for a high-quality product that’s modern made yet has a rustic look, then be sure to check out this fantastic meditation table on offer from New Age Imports. With a tabletop measuring in at just 6 inches in diameter, it’s compact design makes it the perfect accessory to have in a home shrine or for transporting around.

New Age Imports Round Tree of Life Altar Table, Rustic Green, Magenta

Being decorated with a beautiful Celtic knot design with a carved Tree of Life on top makes this table stand out like no other. The fact that it’s finished in a rustic green color with a slight magenta undertone makes it very unique to any other on this list and is definitely one of its best features.

It’s also a really good price considering it’s both handmade hand-painted. The only thing that lets it down slightly (in our opinion) is that it’s so small. And while this is useful in terms of portability, it’s not so useful if have more than a couple of things you want to place on it.

  • Great price
  • Unique design
  • Handmade and hand-painted
  • A little on the small side

Dimensions: 14 W x 13.5 H x 28 L inches
Weight: 20 pounds

As well as being functional, well-made, and aesthetically pleasing, the Herb’s Furniture Reclaimed Wood Meditation Altar has real meaning behind it as every piece is made from deconstructed wood taken from old buildings. It’s sanded down, treated, and given a whole new lease of life in the form of a meditation table. And, it’s available in four beautiful colors: charcoal, walnut, coffee, and oak.

No products found.

The thing I like most about this table is the fact that it’s so spacious. It’s large enough to place candles, statues, beads and more and even has a lower shelf for added convenience. And in terms of height, it’s ideal whether you’re sitting in a chair or on the floor meditating.  

Unfortunately, there is some minor assembly required with this table. However, all the tools required to do the job are included in the package. And, as it’s already partially assembled in modules when shipped, it should take you no more than around 10 minutes to put it all together.

  • Handmade
  • Spacious
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Some minor assembly is required

Dimensions: 16 W x 9 D x 9 H inches
Weight: 3 pounds

If you’re looking for a highly ornate and beautifully decorated meditation table then be sure to feast your eyes on this magnificent piece on offer from DharmaObjects. Carved from solid Sheesham wood, this meditation table is handcrafted in India by some of the best Tibetan master craftsmen. You can see straight away that every inch has been made with care and precision and is by far, the best-looking meditation table available at the moment.

DharmaObjects Solid Indian Elm Wood Hand Carved Shrine Altar Meditation Table (Small, Dark)

Weighing in at just 3 pounds, it’s pretty lightweight and is compact enough to be carried around as need be. There’s no assembly required and the legs fold in for ease of storage. The only real downside to this meditation table (if you can call it that) is that it is a little on the pricey side. However, considering the quality of the materials used and time and care that’s gone into making it, it’s well worth the extra.

  • Beautifully decorated
  • Handcrafted
  • No assembly required
  • Expensive

Dimensions: 20 W x 11 D x 5 H inches
Weight: 7 pounds 

If you’d prefer a meditation table that’s functional but a little more modern to add to your home shrine then The Kiso Table on offer from EarthBench may be just the model for you. Made from a solid hardwood, and finished in a mixed maple wood and walnut design, this meditation table is great for anyone that wants a contemporary solution.

No products found.

In terms of durability, as well as being constructed out of solid hardwood it’s also coated in a natural beeswax finish so is pretty tough and shouldn’t need treating or replacing for a very long time. In terms of size, it is compact and can easily fit into most spaces. 

That being said, it’s quite heavy in comparison to some of the more traditional looking meditation tables. And at 7 pounds, it may get a little irritating if you need to carry it around with you. So if you are looking for a portable option this may not be the best choice for you.

  • Compact
  • Made from solid hardwood
  • Modern design
  • Quite heavy

And that brings us to the end of our article. We hope you found it useful and are now in a much better position to make your meditation table purchase. In our opinion, the best model available at the moment is Herb’s Furniture Reclaimed Wood Meditation Altar. Not only are you getting a high-quality product that’s well made and looks great, but when you buy this table you’re also helping the environment by investing in a product that’s made from recycled wood.

Meditation FAQs

  • Q: Is there a best time of the day to meditate?

    A: The best time to meditate will be different for each individual and will depend largely on that person and their lifestyle. Some people find that meditating first thing in the morning is best as they find themselves able to relax more after a good night’s sleep. Others prefer meditating in the evening as it helps them to relax after a busy day.
  • Q: How long should a meditation session last for?

    A: Again, there’s no right or wrong answer here. Meditating is a very personal thing and the length of time for a session will vary among individuals. That being said, you need to allow enough time to get into a relaxed and calm state. If you’re a beginner you may want to start with sessions that are around 5 minutes in length. That should be enough time to get yourself into a meditative state and not too much that your mind starts to wander. As you get better at it, you can start to lengthen the sessions.
  • Q: Why do some people use music as an aid when meditating?

    A: There are various accessories and aids that people use while meditating including, meditation benches, tables, Mala beads, and music. Listening to the right music while meditating can be very soothing. It can help to ease those worries and stimulate the positive energy within.
  • Q: What is a mantra?

    A: A mantra is a kind of sacred utterance that’s repeated while meditating. The specific vibrations of the sounds made are believed by some to have spiritual and psychological powers. During meditation, whenever a blockage or issue arises with a certain energy center, a mantra can be used to help clear the passage and reach a higher state of spiritual awareness.
  • Q: How should I sit while meditating?

    A: There are many different poses to experiment with when it comes to meditation and it may be a case of trial and error before you find the one that works best for you. However, there are a few things to bear in mind while finding your posture:

    * Always sit in a way that allows the spine to be upright yet relaxed and following its natural curvature.

    * Let your shoulders relax.

    * Let your arms relax by placing your hands on your thighs or in your lap.
    * Lengthen the back of the neck by tucking your chin in slightly.
    * Relax all the muscles in your face, as well as your eyes, jaw, and even your tongue.
  • Q: Is meditating safe for children?

    A: Absolutely! In fact, children are the perfect candidates for meditating as they have fewer stresses to prevent them from reaching a relaxed state. Therefore they can achieve a meditative state much quicker than most adults.
  • Q: What do I do if I get restless?

    A: This is quite a common thing to happen when meditating, especially for those just starting out. You’d be surprised how hard it is to actually sit back and relax sometimes when we live in such a hectic world. However, don’t give up, as there are things you can do.

    The first thing is, don’t fight it. Simply recognize that restlessness is present and accept it without too much judgment. Then try and focus on areas of tension or tightness and make a conscious effort to relax those areas to make room for this restlessness.

    Concentrating on your breathing can also help, focusing on a longer out-breath. But, the most important thing is to not judge this feeling but to accept what’s happening and simply find a way to disperse it.
  • Q: How much space do I need to meditate?

    A: Enough to feel comfortable. That’s it! While it is nice to have a whole room or large portion of a room dedicated for mediating it’s not necessary. Don’t be put off meditating if you are limited for space. Clear some room on the bed or even the kitchen floor if need be. As long as you have room to sit, what more do you need?
  • Q: Can I still meditate even though I’m not religious?

    A: Definitely. Mediation doesn’t have to be about religion at all. It’s simply a way of learning to live mindfully and achieve inner peace.
  • Q: Should I meditate alone or with others?

    A: In order to experience the full aspects of mediating, we advise that you try both. Even if it’s meditating with just one other person, the mutual support you receive can bring about a whole new level of meditation. It also teaches you to become more disciplined and less self-conscious. However, don't ditch the practice of meditating alone as it too has its own benefits. Simply mix it up as and when you can.

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